Sunday, November 9, 2008

Wild Mountain Cafe

Yesterday, Susanna and Noelle made a much needed post-election appointment to dish over our new President-Elect Obama and eat macaroni and cheese. It was necessary. It had been too long since we'd had a formal macaroni and cheese date. At noon on a Saturday, we needed something that would be on a brunch or lunch menu. And we found 8am Mac N Cheese:

8am Mac 'n Cheese ~ Holy cheese in Heaven, Batman! We’re pretty sure they’d serve this stuff in the hereafter, or at least in the trailer park I grew up in. Our 4 cheese blend is an ooey, gooey extravaganza known to increase your desire to…take up the harp! Or get a satellite dish. Comes with grilled organic country bread... $7.75

Love from both of us over Mac and Cheese on a breakfast menu! We walked into the little house, greeted by a friendly wait staff, eager to order.

Wild Mountain Cafe has character. Integrity. It's recycled space. Recycled dishware, flatware, and charm. It feels like home, and as Susanna pointed out, you can still feel the energy of the past residents.

Before we even had a chance to sit down, we were offered coffee. Both of us said yes. The coffee was deliciously strong, cut nicely with a little cream. I don't normally pair coffee with my mac 'n' cheese (my personal preference is usually red wine) - but it was a nice combination. Perfect for rehashing our election-week giddiness.

The macaroni and cheese at Wild Mountain Cafe is classic. Elbow macaroni. Four cheeses. A nice hint of garlicy goodness. The portion is good for 2-3 meals. It's rich and decadent (as all good mac 'n' cheese should be!). It reheats well. This is partly due to its consistency - they've mastered making the cheese sauce creamy.

No add-ons - this is a classic dish served well. Can't wait to go back and try something else on their menu. If their preparation of mac 'n' cheese is an indicator, it's sure to be tasty!