Friday, November 20, 2009

Watertown Coffee

I live in a neighborhood that is rich in Ethiopian restaurants-- I have something like six to choose from in a three block radius-- but lacking in other options. I'm not an Ethiopian fan (no mac-n-cheese, to start with) so I've just accepted that while I love where I live, I'm not going to spend a lot of time hanging out in my 'hood.

That all changed when Watertown Coffee (550 12th Ave) opened its doors.

The first time I visited, I noticed that they served "Po Boys"-- PBR with a shot of whiskey-- in addition to excellent Vivace coffee. I took note, because the other thing we're lacking are bars that are not inside Ethiopian restaurants.

The second time I visited, this past Sunday morning, I glanced at the menu to see what the coffee options were and saw MAC-N-CHEESE. Now, whenever I see mac-n-cheese on a menu, I'm pretty much duty sworn to order it. Never mind that it was 10:30 on a Sunday morning. Mac-n-cheese was on the menu.

It arrived on a beautiful cobalt blue plate, with a side of garlic toast. Creamy delicious goodness. Big elbow mac. Smooth Tillamook cheese sauce. Topped with bread crumbs. Perfectly seasoned. $7. That's right, $7. Instant favorite.

Watertown Coffee, I hereby proclaim you The Best Mac-N-Cheese (thus far) in Seattle. Or anywhere, actually. Spread the word. (Their pumpkin soup is outrageous, too, and their veggie chili. And they have a fantastic warm rum & egg nog drink with whipped cream that will make you wish it was November all year. Seriously, go.)