Sunday, June 7, 2009

Slo Joe's

When I first started working in South Lake Union, there was no Whole Foods. There was no Tutta Bella. No Seastar. No Portage Bay. No Quiznos or Northwest Soups. There was Slo Joe's. And so we had a lot of Slo Joe's.

I've been returning to their mac 'n' cheese for about 4 years now. Sometimes I get a small side. Sometimes I just get a large and call it lunch (or two lunches.)

My parents came into town for lunch last Friday. Knowing my Dad can't handle walking very far, and not wanting to deal with driving or parking anywhere - we made the journey to Slo Joe's. My Dad really seemed to enjoy his pulled pork BBQ sandwich as it was easy for him to chew.

Here's my side of mac 'n' cheese:

Slo Joe's

I'm not exactly sure what goes into Slo Joe's macaroni and cheese. It has a nice little kick to it. It's just spicy enough. The consistency reminds me a little bit of Velveeta, but in a good way. It's filling and comforting, just like it's supposed to be.

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