Monday, July 28, 2008


This one I did on my own. Noelle and I have started to realize that mac finds us. First, our friends all know that we're doing this blog so they feed us new places to check out all the time. But we're also attuned now, so whenever and wherever I eat out, the first thing I do is scan the menu for mac-n-cheese. Whym, the new 24 hour diner on Denny and 1st that replaced Minnie's, was just such a place. I met my friend, Ed, for lunch and politics. Mac-n-cheese was on the menu. $10. I ordered it.

I'm starting to realize that there is a mac-onomy (if you will forgive the neologism), families of mac-n-cheese. For instance, there is the NOLA style of baked spaghetti noodles in a faint cheese custard (found in Turkey, as well). There is the homestyle, ooey gooey mac-n-cheese, which is surprisingly elusive. There is the pasta in a cheese sauce that somehow doesn't equal mac-n-cheese. And there is the penne in a ceramic baking dish with a thin cheese sauce topped by chopped tomatoes, as at Crave and Whym.

Whym's version was distinctive in its intense garlicky overtones. In fact, I was more conscious of the garlic than the mac-n-cheese with this dish. The portion was a little small. It came with cheese topped foccaccia, which felt like a lot of carbs for one dish. (Sometimes I wish a side salad would automatically come with all mac.) If you love garlic, check it out, but I think it's safe to say I'm not a fan. Next time I'll try the burger.

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