Monday, March 24, 2008

The 5 Spot - Route 66

On Valentine's Day, I had dinner at the 5 Spot to help celebrate a friend's birthday. Sharing your special day with a Hallmark holiday has to be a challenge, so I was happy to bring J some soup and Emergen-C (he had that nasty bug that was going around, and still is), play the holiday low-key, and have some good time with the girls as an alternative.

I had a nice personal ulterior motive as well. On a chilly walk with K to get her car in Belltown (left in a lot after a big party), we slowed and glanced at the rotating menu. Always posted nicely in the window, their mac 'n' cheese, once again, caught my eye. I know. How predictable. So I knew what I was going to get before I even sat down for our meal.

It should be noted that the 5 Spot has a nice, simple mac 'n' cheese all the time during their late happy hour. I believe it goes for $5. They also have $1 PBR on draft. In fact, I recall the night I met J I had this exact combination. It's a good standard version. And at that price, one that Susanna and I should make a point to review soon! And, dare I say, frequently? Can you review something more than once?

I didn't take a picture of the menu this time and I should have. Since the menu rotates, I can't find their "official description" anywhere. And since I'm a little late to post about my experience, I can't recall all of the subtle nuances.

I can tell you that it came with broccoli. Mac 'n' cheese is a rich dish, so the addition of vegetables is always welcome. It makes it feel a little more like a complete meal, and not just a complete indulgence. Although, I love it, so perhaps it is always an indulgence.


Traditional elbow macaroni - not a necessity, but nice on occasion. There was a little blue cheese added to it. Potential for a disaster in too-much-flavor, it wasn't overpowering at all.

On portion control - it was a two-dish for me. It tasted so good I remember thinking to myself that I might finish it. But it was a lot of food. And it reheated nicely the next day.


(I really want a nicer camera!)

As the 5 Spot rotates through similar themes often, I'd definitely recommend this particular dish on future visits to Route 66. It may still be available (for a limited time!) - but I can't guarantee it.

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Grounded Girl said...

The awesomeness of our mono-obsessional blog has finally hit me with your posts-- WOW! Picture after picture of mac-n-cheese, description after description. And, yes, each unique, each special, each wonderful. LOVE this project!