Monday, March 24, 2008

Geraldine's Counter - Noelle's take

I don't want to be redundant - Susanna's description of our lunch on Friday is very thorough. Also, for the time being, when we have a shared adventure, she will be our designated photographer. Her new camera is too cool. My silly little Samsung won't do these dishes the same justice.

Just a few things to add to her post...

Here is their official menu description of the mac 'n' cheese:

Macaroni And Cheese
We guarantee this to be best-of-class. Not entirely typical–and all the better for it, we think–it blends four cheeses, garlic, chopped tomato, a few jalapenos, cream and magic spices. Once you’ve had our Mac, you can’t go back! 8.00

The tomato and jalapenos define it. If you'd asked me to describe it later, I might have thought there were some bell peppers in it too, but that was just my imagination.

I will also note that it is a baked dish, but it isn't overly crusty on top. At least the day we were there. I liked the way the cheese on top formed a thick layer, without crusting over. You could easily mix the cheesy layer into the dish and you wouldn't even know it was baked. It wasn't loaded with bread crumbs or potato chips either.

The dish wasn't overwhelming as far as portion control. I hadn't had breakfast (which is very unlike me, but it was a lazy morning, what can I say?) so I had a bit of an appetite. I was able to eat it all and not feel stuffed. Despite the wonderful cheesiness, it didn't sit too heavy.

I'm excited to go back to Geraldine's Counter again - sooner than later! I love those few blocks of Columbia City. They have so much character. Plus it leads to fantastic discussions on gentrification.

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