Monday, March 24, 2008

Pyramid Alehouse

On Monday, February 18, J and I participated in a Brewer For a Day at Pyramid Brewery, near Safeco Field. The overall day aside (not the time or place), we had lunch at the brewery and I saw "Mac's 'n cheese" on the menu, so I had to partake.

I worked one summer for Thomas Kemper and at one point knew their menu very well. But it had been a few years and this was a new addition.

First, the description:


I enjoyed the pepper flakes and the ham, although overall the dish was a little too salty. And I typically like salty things. I think the ham is what did it.

The dish:


On portion control - this was definitely two meals for me. I started with a salad, which always makes the meal that much more filling. But this preparation was so rich, it required a lighter side.

It was baked and crusty.

I like Pyramid overall. They have pretty standard fare and I think they reflect Seattle culture nicely for the touristy crowd that comes through for ballgames and to experience a good craft beer. But I think they're trying to find themselves a little bit. Most of their beer is now brewed at Portland Brewing.

I like their beer. I like their food. But I don't love them. Nothing makes me want to go back time and again for more. I'm slightly disenchanted, although I look forward to their continued success in craft brewing - and maybe one day they'll perfect this Mac's 'n Cheese dish and I'll go back to experience it again.

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