Sunday, March 23, 2008

Geraldine's Counter

Noelle and I met at Geraldine's Counter in charming Columbia City. The sun was out, our afternoon was wide open, and we had mac-n-cheese on the brain. While we waited for our order to arrive, we waxed philosophical about the many a splendored thing that is mac-n-cheese. So varied (spaghetti noodles, rigatoni, elbow, fusili, creamy, dry, processed, edgy, creamy, soupy, melty...) and yet "they're all SO GOOD!" Noelle exclaimed. Can you name one other food that is so diversely wonderful? I can't.

Our Geraldine's mac was different yet again. Noelle said that it was like chili mac minus the chili. Soupy creamy sauce topped with melted cheese. Diced red peppers. A kick of jalapeno.
Like a burrito without the tortilla, beans and rice. Just the right amount. Warm and satisfying and, somehow, sunny. Thumbs up. (Next time I go to Geraldine's, however, I'm either getting breakfast or chicken pot pie... everything on that menu looks tasty.)

A side note...The mac-n-cheese was good, but our conversation was equally satisfying. We talked about friendships and community and bowling alleys and serving on boards and our volunteer work. I love sharing this mac-n-cheese adventure with Noelle and I'm glad that it is allowing us to become better friends. There's more than just cheesy goodness here!

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