Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Best Part

Julie and I are in the beginning stages of a friendship. We met volunteering in Lewis County on flood mud clean up. We met for drinks. We went out again two weeks ago and had a fantastic time at a bar, chatting up a married guy and a cute bartender. We had SO much fun that we decided to do it again tonight. Only, I've been wholly work focused this week and she's maybe dating someone now. Also, the bar we'd gone to before was horribly yuppie tonight. And the cute bartender was morose because he broken up with his girlfriend (of two and a half years) two days ago (huh-- didn't know he HAD a girlfriend). We bailed on the first bar and went to a second, more blue collar bar. The Lock and Keel. We found an empty (we thought) booth, only to be joined shortly thereafter by middle aged guys who were returning from a smoke. The drunker, single one stayed and sat next to me, persistently chatting us up. I lied and said we were Canadian. It was bad.

Luckily, we looked at the menu. There was mac-n-cheese. Not all was lost. The description was spare-- Grandma Smokey's mac-n-cheese with a crispy topping. $6. Bring it on. Creamy, processed cheese sauce. Elbow mac. FRIED ONION TOPPING. Oh heavenly goodness. I shared it with Julie but yeah, I wanted my own. Next time. I will also bring my camera on the next outing. But, Lock-n-Keel. Ballard Ave. Good mac-n-cheese. Even late. Far better than drunk old guys. Who knew?

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Noelle said...

I was there a few weeks ago and J pointed that out on the menu. Alas, I had just eaten dinner. We will definitely have to go back!