Saturday, March 15, 2008

Mac in a Hurry

I went on a fantastic walk today-- 4 1/2 miles along Lake Washington, up the Mt. Baker bluffs, along the ridge, down through Madrona and back. I walked for about three hours (there was a long chat with a border collie owner in there). When I finally got home, I was famished and I had mac-n-cheese on the brain. No boxed stuff in the house (I really am trying to cut back...). What's a girl to do? IMPROVISE! This is not a recipe, per se, because I just threw it together, but the guidelines should work.

Mac-n-Cheese in a Hurry

Serves one

1 cup macaroni pasta
packaged shredded medium cheddar

Boil the pasta.

Make a roux (that is, melt the butter and mix in flour until it's thick).

Add milk until smooth.

Add cheese.

Add salt to taste.

Add pasta to sauce.

Ta-DAH! I can see this as a weeknight go-to meal when I have a family.

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Mandy McMahan said...

I am impressed that you can come up with your own recipes on the fly. I wish I could do that. Maybe someday, as I study this "stay-at-home" role I'm supposed to be holding. I'm also impressed with your walk! I want to go on a walk now. Too bad it's so gray outside.

Instead of a coffee date maybe you should show me some good mac-and-cheese in the Burien area. :)